Life To The Fullest

What does it mean to know God? How can we begin to experience a relationship with Him? Please watch this video as Pastor Tim explains how to receive everything you’ve been searching for through a relationship with your creator.

How To Experience Life To The Fullest Video

Next Steps

You can experience God by reading the Bible everyday. Try starting with the book of John, followed by Acts and then Romans. Use this guide to help you as you read and discover how to apply the Bible to your life.

S – Scripture: What verse stood out to you today?

O – Observations: What do you think God is trying to say to you?

A – Application: What can I apply to my life today from the Bible?

P – Prayer: Pray about what you learned and ask God to help you.

If you would like to start with one of our devotionals, click here.

You can encounter and connect with God everyday through prayer. Try putting into practice this simple PRAYer plan.

P – Praise: Praise God for who He is and what he has done. “Hallowed be your name”

R – Repent: Confess and turn away from your sin. “Forgive us our debts”

A – Ask: Ask God for His strength and wisdom for others and yourself. “Give us today our daily bread” “Deliver us from evil”

Y – Yield: Yield control to the Holy Spirit and spend time listening for his direction. “Your will be done”

Life is found in the context of community. You are welcomed to join us Sunday at Chico Community Church or visit one of our weekly Life Groups that meet throughout the week.

Go and let others know about God and what He has done in your life. Who do you know that could benefit from hearing the message about Jesus in your life?

Want To Go Deeper With CCC?

We have a variety of opportunities to connect at a deeper level and make Chico Community your Church home. Whether you’re looking for a small group to connect with, a class to learn what we believe and how we work, or a training program to grow in your relationship with God and ability to lead others to Him, we would love to talk about how you can go deeper with us.