Become Fully Devoted

Our training programs are designed to help you learn to navigate life in a successful way. All of our training is centered around the idea that God is the designer of the world and uses His word to show us how to live effectively. Whether it be life with your friends or family, your career, or serving in the Church, we believe that the Bible is the best how-to guide. Our programs vary in commitment, overall length, and intensity, so wherever you’re at we have an option to help you advance in the Christian life.

Growth Track

Growth Track is designed to help you learn about church, growing spiritually, and understanding your Spiritual gifting and purpose.

Gain a deep understanding of what CCC believes about the Christian life, Christian life values, and what it means to be a part of the Chico Community Church family.

Learn the five spiritual growth practices that will make your Christian life strong and effective, including practical ways to begin applying these practices to your every day life.

See what God’s word says about the way that we’re each individually wired to make an extraordinary impact for God’s Kingdom.


Breakthrough is designed for you to experience growth, discover purpose, and maximize impact.

Spiritual Growth what, why, and how. Growing meaningful and lifelong relationships. What the Bible says about how we’re wired and achieving success in life. How core relational values affect our ability to grow spiritually and invest in others. And what all of this has to do with your life in the church.

How everything you’re looking for in life is found in God’s plan. Seeing God’s vision for your life. Living life empowered by God. Taking spiritual growth beyond yourself. Making an impact with eternal perspective. Teaming effectively and leading spiritually. Becoming a game-changer for God.


Whether you are a committed member of Chico Community Church or just someone wanting to explore and grow in your faith, we hope that you will find our resources helpful. All of our Sunday messages, devotionals, and blogs are available online. Let us know if there is something we can help with!