Building Momentum

NorthStar is a training program designed to develop the essentials for navigating the Christian life, and to become an effective leader in your Church, career, family, or sphere of influence. NorthStar will equip you with the Bible knowledge, relational skills, leadership techniques, and framework for Godliness to have a lasting impact on the Kingdom.

NorthStar Outline

Year one goes deep into understanding God’s word, how He has worked from beginning to now, and what our role can be in His plans to build His Kingdom.

Year two walks through all of the essentials of leadership, culture, effective communication and relationship strategy, and making a positive impact in your Church, career, family, or sphere of influence.


Whether you are a committed member of Chico Community Church or just someone wanting to explore and grow in your faith, we hope that you will find our resources helpful. All of our Sunday messages, devotionals, and blogs are available online. Let us know if there is something we can help with!