Training Videos

Watch The Tape

Just like an athlete “watches the tape” after a game, we want to take that same level of care into growing our skills as group leaders. There are some common areas we have seen group leaders run into that we’d like to give you a heads up on! So here is where you will find the “tape,” some videos, to help you get (or keep) momentum!

Define The Win

Our first training video is designed to encourage and equip you as a group leader at Chico Community Church. Often, we can get discouraged if we don’t know how to define a ‘win’ for our group. So here are 5 essential elements to a great Life Group!

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Share Resources

All of our messages, devotionals, and blog posts are available to share from our website. As you hear members of your group talking about areas they’d like to grow in, be aware of the resources on our website that you can refer them to – and encourage them to share the resources with others!

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