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Bookmark this page! This is the home of all discussion guides, sermon notes, or other materials that you may need to successfully facilitate your group. We hope this page is a helpful resource to you. If there is ever something you would find helpful as a leader, let us know and we’ll work to make it happen.


The Way of Life

The Way of Life is a Sunday message series talking through perspectives, principles, and the power that biblical truth can have in our lives, and how God can take us from overwhelmed to overcoming!

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Your weekly discussion guide with important announcements, key verses, and questions to facilitate effective group discussion.

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All of our messages, devotionals, and blog posts are available to share from our website. As you hear members of your group talking about areas they’d like to grow in, be aware of the resources on our website that you can refer them to – and encourage them to share the resources with others!

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