Group Leaders

Group Impact

Life Groups aren’t just a thing that we do, but it’s who we are. We are a community cultivating growth towards deeper, more fulfilling, and more impactful relationships with God. And we’re so glad that you are playing such a key role in that process as a group leader!

Our goal is to walk through the journey of Life Group leadership with you. As you venture off through a semester of shaping lives and facilitating growth, we’ve got your back! There are always questions that come up, or hurdles along the way, and the more we can team together the better off we’ll be. That’s why we’ve got a place for you online! We’ll be compiling resources and leaving them here for you to get traction and keep momentum with your group this semester.

Discussion Guides

Discussion guides, sermon outlines, and other resources to help you be successful leading your group. If there’s anything we can do to set you up for success, we’d like to know!

Get The Goods

Training Videos

There are many new situations you will face as a group leader! We’ve taken a few of the most common and have pro tips, helpful pointers, how-to’s, and more to help you.

Watch The Tape

Share Resources

All of our messages, devotionals, and blog posts are available to share from our website. As you hear members of your group talking about areas they’d like to grow in, be aware of the resources on our website that you can refer them to – and encourage them to share the resources with others!

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